How do you build the business of YOU, INC?

How do you build the business of YOU, INC?

Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best. St. Jerome

We enter this life screaming. This pronouncement is like a declaration telling the ones around us, “get ready because here I come”.

From the moment we take our first breath we bring a flair or flavor to life. This original image is uniquely you and would otherwise be lost if you weren’t here. 131 million births occur each year, yet yours only occurs once.

No one else sees the world like you see it. No one else can shape and impact the lives around you like you can.

To sum this all up: YOU MATTER.

Why is this important?

Why is knowing your value key for life?

Well, let me tell you. For a moment let’s compare life to a business. Picture in your mind a prospering business.

Keep that picture in your mind for a moment.

When that business is appraised all avenues are considered. From what the business produces, it’s market. The customers they serve and the employees they hire.

This evaluation determines the cash value for future investors or sale holders and ultimately its true value.


Now, let’s take that same example and make it personal. When you are born you, you are given two main gifts, unlimited potential and time. You are a blank canvas and you are so powerful that you can paint any picture for the world to enjoy. Like a business you produce, different products through out the course of your life. Wether it be through relationships, time or craft, you produce products of value. From the people you associate with to those you impact the unseen value you bring to the picture is immeasurable.

This evaluation of YOU INC has priceless value and is constantly on the rise and you develop as a person. So, WHY do you matter?

If you never ceased to be, YOU INC would have never been formed. The people places or things that you touch on a daily basis would never have had you uniquely added value. And the change you were destined to bring to the world would have never happened through you.

Power of You

Just let that thought sink in for a moment. You are so valued and powerful that others would have been missing out on a piece of their destinies if you weren’t around. Now, before your head takes off like a hot air balloon. This great potential can be hindered or unfulfilled through a variety of ways but the most common are a lack of a sense of self and lack of value.

If you don’t know that you matter than you will live like you don’t.

You matter because you are and you are here because you were planned. I don’t hold the conviction that we were a cosmic experiment. There is no hope and desire for life in that belief. No one ever says, that they’re glad to be alive because of random chance. You need to know that you were planned and purposed because you were, no matter the circumstances of your birth, you have today to define and change you inner image.

Inside out life

We live full fulfilled lives from the inside out. You cannot expect true and lasting change to be only external. You cannot wear a lab coat one day and call yourself a doctor. But, you can desire to be one and plan your life around your values, dreams and passions.

We live inside out lives. What we believe about ourselves will be projected outward. So, how are you living victoriously and loving yourself intentionally?

The company of you never takes breaks always learns and constantly grows. Are you will to invest into something that would require you to change or are you happy with the returns that you are receiving?

Until next time.

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